Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vampire Diaries

Top: Thrifted
Mini Skirt Black: Thrifted
Black Vest: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted

Yet another blospost for both of us. Sorry for the late post this was for Halloween lol it's already Christmas i know what your thinking very lazy to edit yet so energetic to take pictures. We had fun in this short vampire-themed photoshoot . We look like kids who want to play around and have fun.

I love pictures. Others says chocolate eases frustration for me pictures makes me feel better. It somehow encourages me not only to dream but believe in the power of my dreams as well.

Taking Pictures is Making Memories
"Now we shoot whatever we see
Night or day in color photography
Candid shots are barrels of fun
Taking pictures by the light of the sun
Smile, look at the camera
Hold your breath and say cheese
And with every single shot we take, we are making memories
Making memories, making memories
Taking pictures is making memories"

- From the Sherman Brothers' song "Making Memories"



  1. ur bf is so funny :D
    love the bg of ur blog :)

  2. i wish my boyfriend would want to take pics like this with me !
    he's sooo shy with the camera..

  3. Alviana and Michelle: I don't give him a choice. Well looks like he had fun.

    Thanks for dropping by girls.

  4. hai there , first of all WELCOME TO BLOG WORLD :)) thanks for dropping by . heheh . im following you already . hope you could come and follow me back .

    flying kisses,

  5. wow! thats a cool set of photos! and i gotta agree,taking pictures is making memories! :)


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