Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rockin in Pink

I spend P1000.00 bucks today. Thrift shopping in Makati is quite expensive unlike in other areas but you'll really find great designer clothes. Some of the clothes were not worn yet you can still see tags attached to it. I'm not into branded clothes to be honest it depends on the design and the cloth in my perspective. So here are the descriptions of what I bought today.

1. one white polo with polka dots design perfect for new year . Polka dots for Chinese are lucky by the way.
2. one denim shorts with cat brooch in one of the pockets and little diamonds sticked near the pocket area.
3. one black blouse with zebra printed sleeves.
4. one plain black with a straight little diamonds placed horizontally across the blouse.
5. one black dress with sequins and an anchor design in front.
6: last but not the least one blue and white sleeveless with leather straps.

That’s only P1000.00 bucks snatched from my pocket.  I'll take photos of what I bought soon. If I went shopping to the mall I might have bought only one branded blouse and since there's no budget for food left will eat at home instead.

You might think it's expensive for thrifted clothes yeah that crossed my mind as well, but I always thrift when it's “new arrival” so I have more choices. I love thrift shopping merely because it’s cheap and the fact that I'll be comfortable wearing that in public and won't bounce in someone wearing the same blouse and the same color as I'm wearing.

Anyway, since i don't have pictures yet of what i bought here's some of the pictures i wasn't able to post here yet.

Blazer: Burberry 
Black Mini Skirt: Thrifted
Pink Tee: Random Shop
Boots: Thifted



  1. loving the burst of color in this outfit!

  2. sounds like you had a great thrifting trip! :)

  3. I wish I could go thrift shopping and get some new outfits. The black blouse with zebra print sleeves sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see pictures of it.

    You look really great! So confident. This is so wonderful!

    Those sunglasses are amazing!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  4. i love the pop of pink on this one!

    yey for thrifting!!


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