Monday, December 6, 2010

Simply Romantic

Simple Living is something I grew up with, it was not a lifestyle choice, it was my life. I often reflect on the lessons taught to me by my parents. They are what guides me and helps me make the right decisions.
I'm sorry that this post is not about fashion and forgive me for wearing slippers.  It's a casual weekend nothing extraordinary but i wanted to share this simple bonding moments we have if we're both broke lol... 

I and my boyfriend decided to stroll in Makati one weekend. The lights are so gloomy yet mystically glowing so we decided to take some photos even if we're not dressed for shoots.

As simple as this may sound compared to a grandiose date we ladies dreamed of like a romantic dinner in a high-class restaurant. Ours was just a simple walk in the street. Though it’s a humble hopeless-romantic type of date, at least I save myself from humiliation pretending to know it all. Reading the menu once or twice looking at the list of food you don’t even know or you can’t even pronounce. Lol.
The fact that you can enjoy things without tags certainly means you can endure whatever roadblocks you might face ahead. These moments for me are “priceless” no tags no class no glamour but certainly a walk to remember.


  1. I think having dinner at Mcdonald can be romantic aswell :'D okay ignore that....
    Cute photo's!

  2. love the photos! :) thanks for commenting and following me, followed you back! <3


  3. Oh how nice you can wear shorts!!! It;s so cold here in the Netherlands!!

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  4. simple is always great :)

    ps. i like that photo with lots of hearts.

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