Sunday, December 5, 2010

Romantic Dinner for Two

 Sequined Stripes Top: Thrifted
Denim Shorts: Thrifted
Glittered Navy Blue Ballet Shoes: Thrifted

Celebrating the start of Hoildays with a Romantic Dinner for Two. I did not take photos of the food because it's all embroidered calories. I’m shy to share with you how big my appetite is for fat accumulating food. Getting obese for sure this Holiday season starting today.  I crave for food. I just can't help it. Anyway, diet will definitely on top of my New Year’s Resolution next year.  *Sigh*.

Happy Holidays Everyone.


  1. Oh, never mind the calories. The joys of eating is just too much compared to the joy of exercising. HAHA!

    sPam of frou-frou

  2. oh you look so cute. what a lovely day that must be.
    i'm new to your blog, but i can't find the follow button.haha

  3. yey!you got a blog na! :)

    i can't believe your ballet shoes is thrifted. they're amazing. i haven't had luck thrifting shoes. i should look again one of these days. :)

    followed you. :)

  4. Thank you for your comments ladies.

    Dred: yes finally launched my blog thank you for pushing me to it. Yes the flats are thrifted hehe.. i'm lucky sometimes.

  5. what a sweet way to usher in the holidays.. u two look so cute!

  6. thanks cherie for your sweet comment

  7. hi there!! i love your outfit! :) and your shoes! its fabulous! <3

  8. Stumbled across your blog and it's great! such a cute post :) I would love it if you visited me :)

    F. ( x

  9. thank you so much for the follow!:) followed back!:) nice blog!:) beautiful photos!

  10. love the first photo so much! nice blog. :)


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